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EWP Inspectors

The EWP Best Practice Guidelines (Section 5.4) clearly states that ONLY a competent person can complete a six-monthly, enhanced or major inspection of an EWP.  A means of demonstrating competency is a certificate of competence or proficiency from a certification board.  In New Zealand this is the Certification Board for Inspection Personnel New Zealand (CBIP). 

The EWPA strongly suggests using the CBIP database to locate a company with CBIP certified staff, and the EWP owner requests a copy of the inspectors card to check it is valid.  

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Employee's of EWP Manufacturer
An employee of a EWP manufacturer who inspects, services and certifies EWP's does not need to be registered with CBIP but they should be able to demonstrate the same, or higher, levels of competency. If a manufacturer contracts out servicing, inspection and certification, the contractor should be certified by CBIP for inspection or be able to display the same or a higher level of competence. 

The Elevating Work Platform (EWP) industry continuously strives to improve the assessment process for EWP's. If you would like more information about the Standard of Proficiency for the Certification of Elevating Work Platforms please refer to: http://www.cbip.co.nz/

CBIP Exams

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