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EWPA Registered Inspectors

Registered Inspectors

The Registered Inspector Programme provides a new way forward for the EWP Industry in NZ.  Our goal is to ensure all maintenance of EWPs within New Zealand is carried out by qualified and registered inspectors working within member businesses, providing confidence and assurance to EWP owners and operators that EWP's are properly maintained, compliant and safe.

This webpage provides a register of Inspectors and their sponsoring Employer Companies. All Registered Inspectors are sponsored/supported by their employing Company. The employing Company is required to be a member of the EWPA, to ensure they are kept up to date with the latest safety, maintenance and inspection standards for our industry.

Registered Inspectors are assessed, tested and audited regularly to ensure they meet the requirements of the Registered Inspector programme. Workmanship, work practices and processes, company procedures and policies and continued education by the Inspector are all part of the measurement process of holding the accreditation. Please note, the Registered Inspector Programme only provides accreditation for Periodic Inspections (Daily, Owners, 6 monthly and enhanced 5 yearly). The major inspection accreditation programme is still under development. All or some Registered Inspectors may hold accreditation for major inspections through other channels. Please check with the Registered Inspector Directly for Major Inspections.

Below are details of Companies who have Registered Inspectors: 

 Inspector  Company   Contact Details
 Brendan Walker Access Specialties 
17 Mahunga Drive
Mangere Bridge, Auckland 

09 5702209

 Steve Boyd Energy Hydraulics
19 Corbett Road
Bell Block
New Plymouth
06 755 2412

 Jason McAllister
Shane Webb
Logan Mercer
Elevated Platform Services (EPSNZ)
40 Hands Road

03 3350280

Kyle Powdrill
Leroy Randen
Nick de Bruyn
Shannon Austin
JLG Industries
2B Fisher Crescent
Mount Wellington

0800 455 469

 Dean Van Buuren

Design Engineering 
4 Elizabeth Place

03 3350280

 Jake Mabbett Stork Technical Services
50 Kioreroa Road
Port Whangarei
 09 438 1512

Why EWP owners should ONLY use registered inspectors

Registered Inspectors:

  • Work for EWPA Member Companies
  • Have significant industry experience, training and continued development 
  • Are audited annually to ensure inspections are undertaken correctly
So, make sure you use a Registered Inspector! Your equipment will be compliant and safe, and you are getting what you pay for!  
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