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COVID-19 Support

23 Mar 2020 12:05 PM | Rodney Grant (Administrator)

As you are all well aware by now of the changes affecting your business that have been released today and once again your in-box goes crazy with information relating to COVID-19, we are working hard in the background to keep you abreast of changes that affect you in the EWP Industry.
The status of level 3 and moving to level 4 within 48hrs, we are working with HIANZ, putting together information that matches our industry and will help you going forward.
We have sent an urgent request for clarification and a plead to government to establish the Hire and EWP Industry as an Essential Service so that you may continue to operate. This was sent earlier today, and I suspect we will not have an answer on this today. I will keep you informed as I know more.
We are putting together supporting information to help you in your businesses. Please see the HIANZ website (click here) for this information. This site will be continually updated and will post news/messages on the website to keep you informed and not fill your in-box with too much stuff. The HIANZ website will hold all the relevant information for you.
I have contacted Trudy and Danny at Employment Lawyers for urgent clarification on how to deal with staff as we move through the next levels of restriction placed on us by the Government.
I have also contacted David Chow for similar advice regarding your insurance.

Both groups are going to be very important to you as business owners over the next few weeks.
Get a conversation going asap with the team about how you are planning to comply with the requirement to shut down for the four-week period. (Note that we are asking for clarification that the industry is considered essential and that you may be able to operate- more on this on the website). There is some good information on dealing with staff in our supporting information that will be up on the website tonight.
Very important you are communicating with them as well. They are going to help you ride through this time. They are going to be the ones that will assist you in keeping costs to a minimum through the shutdown but be able to re-open and chase every opportunity when the time comes.
I can’t stress the importance of keeping an upbeat, positive mindset on all this. You will fight better with a level head and if you can look out to the end of this period and the regrowth opportunity that will come, you will be far better equipped to deal with the issues you have at hand.
We wish you all the best, please feel free to contact us if you need help with anything. Keep an eye on the HIANZ  for updates and all the supporting information we can gather for you.

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