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Extract from Worksafe Website - Expiring certifications

26 Mar 2020 5:13 PM | Rodney Grant (Administrator)

What are WorkSafe’s expectations about PECPR equipment with an expiring certificate of inspection?

Some equipment that falls within the Health and Safety in Employment (Pressure Equipment, Cranes and Passenger Ropeways) Regulations 1999 may have certificates of inspection due to expire during alert level four.

We expect that equipment due for certificate of inspection and not needed for delivery or support of essential services to be shut down for the duration of alert level four, if it is safe to do so. 

For equipment that’s due for a certificate of inspection and needed for delivery or support of essential services, we expect PCBUs to carry out a comprehensive risk assessment to see whether inspection is required. 

If inspection is required, we expect PCBUs to consider the following matters at a minimum:

  • can the certifier attend and are they allowed on site?
  • are maintenance personnel available and allowed on site?
  • is maintenance up-to-date?
  • are safety critical devices operational, and if so,
    • are control systems checked and verified and/or
    • are safety valves tested and operational?
  • have there been any problems with the equipment during the certification period?
  • what is the risk if the equipment fails?
  • on balance, is the equipment safe for continued operation?

We expect clear, accurate and comprehensive documentation of these considerations to be started, maintained, and available for inspection by anyone in that workplace, including an equipment inspector or certifier. This documentation should also be available for a WorkSafe inspector. 

Where PCBUs are satisfied they have done all that’s reasonably practicable to obtain certification – but are unable to do so due to alert level four circumstances – the equipment may remain in service until inspection and re-certification services are available. This is on the basis that the equipment remains safe to use. We would like PCBUs in this situation to inform WorkSafe they are doing so at technicall@worksafe.govt.nz  

Certificates of inspection must not be issued by inspection bodies if physical inspections have not taken place.  

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